Dr David Mmopelwa
Acting Head of Unit; Human and Social Development
Dr. Khaufelo Lekobane
Research Fellow II

Dr David Mmopelwa

Acting Head of Unit; Human and Social Development

Dr. Khaufelo Lekobane

Research Fellow II

Dr. Masedi Mao Motswapong

Research Fellow II

Dr Masedi Mao Motswapong is a public policy analyst interested in international economics, trade, and labour market issues, with 15 years of successful and progressive experience contributing to national policy and economic development.

He has contributed immensely to public policy with relevant research outputs. He is hardworking and highly responsible with work, has a high capacity for teamwork and a solid commitment to project delivery within budget and time allocated.

Dr Motswapong, a Research Fellow at BIDPA, holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics from Nelson Mandela University, South Africa. His thesis is titled Wage Differentials by Sector and Gender in Botswana.

Since joining BIDPA, he has been a team member for several consultancy projects of national importance. The projects, among others, include (i) an Analysis of the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Tariff Structures and Identification of Priority Areas for Botswana, (ii) an Inventory Assessment of Botswana’s National Policies, Regional and Multilateral Commitments in Trade Related Issues, (iii) A study to investigate the impact of the SACU Tariff Policy on Food Prices in the Sub-Region, 2008 – 2009. (iv) Southern African Development Research Network (SADRN) Project-The International Trade Unit hosted the Thematic Theme on Trade and Pro-Poor Growth, (v) Mapping out investment opportunities in District and Town Councils in Botswana, (vi) A project on Mining and the Diversification of the Botswana Economy, (vii) A study to inform Botswana’s choice between SACU and SADC Customs Union, (viii) Member of the Special Select Committee of Inquiry on the Botswana Meat Commission and the Beef Industry, (ix) A study to assess the Costs and Benefits of Botswana’s membership in SACU, (x) A study to review and align Economic Policies, strategies and laws (along with their regulations) in Botswana, and (xi) Development of the Waste Management Policy. Dr Motswapong has also published BIDPA working papers and several peer-reviewed journals.
He also holds a Master of Arts degree in Economics, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, all from the University of Botswana.

Lillian Mookodi

Research Fellow 1

Ms Lillian Mookodi is currently a Research Fellow in the Human and Social Development Unit, at BIDPA. She is a Development Economist and holds a Master of Science in Development Economics and Policy, and a Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree where she specialised in Economics and Statistics, obtained from the Universities of Manchester and Botswana, respectively. Her research interests include research and development, poverty, inequality, youth development, regional integration, food security, policy analysis, unemployment and education, entrepreneurship development, child nutrition and growth, gender development, economics of the public sector, and monitoring & evaluation. Ms Mookodi has also worked for five years for the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development as a Food and Poverty Coordinator.

Consultancy Projects/ Research involved in while at BIDPA

  • The “Botswana National Poverty Eradication Policy”. Client: OP/UNDP. 2019.
  • The “Botswana Women Entrepreneurship Study”. Client: The World Bank. 2017/18.
  • The “Review of the Revised National Policy on Incomes, Employment, Prices and Profits of 2005”.
    Client: Ministry of Finance & Economic Development. 2016.
  • The “Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority Customer Satisfaction Survey”. Client:
    Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority. 2015.
  • The “Social Upliftment Theme Diagnostic” Client: NSO, Botswana. 2014.
  • “Gender and Inclusive Growth: The Role of Institutions in Promoting SME Growth in Mauritius
    and Botswana”: IDRC. 2013.
  • The “Evaluation of the African Development Bank's 2004-2013 Asistance to Botswana”. Client:
    African Development Bank. 2013.
  • “The Botswana Social Protection Assessment”. Collaboratively with World Bank. (2013).
  • “The Revision of National Policy on Gender and Development”. Client: MLHA- Gender Affairs
    Department. 2012.

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