Capacity building in policy analysis remains an important part of the BIDPA mandate. BIDPA aims to capacitate Public Officials and Non-State Actors on effective policy making and management by conducting regular training programmes and workshops on topics related to the Research Focus Areas. This will result in enhanced public sector capacity in monitoring and evaluating national policies and programmes.

To strengthen Institutional Capacity and develop expertise within the Institute, BIDPA has an active programme for capacity building within the areas of economic and social development. This programme consists of a combination of formal training for Masters and Doctoral degrees as well as short courses, attachments, seminars and workshops.

MEDIA TRAINING - August 2022 As part of BIDPA’s efforts to capacitate non-state actors in the policy making process, BIDPA conducted a media workshop to sensitize the media on; The role of evidence in policy making. BIDPA appreciates the role of the media as active participants in the policy making process due to its important function of disseminating information, educating the public and providing feedback on the impact of policies and programs. The workshop focused on enhancing the media’s capacity to report on policy issues by drilling them on how policies are developed and the meaning and role of evidence in policy making. See the attached presentation 👇

Evidence-Based Policy-Making Presentation
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September 7, 2023

    BIDPA conducts research, analysis and publication on developmental policy issues which are relevant to Botswana and the Southern African region. The Institute conducts two types of research. The Supply-driven and Demand-driven Research.