Goitseone Khanie

Associate Researcher

Ms. Goitseone Khanie is an Industry and Private Sector Development Specialist (Associate
Researcher) at the Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA). She obtained a
Master of Arts Degree in Economics (2014) and a Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree in
Economics and Public Administration (2011) both from the University of Botswana. In order to
study for MA (Economics), she was awarded the Barclays-F. G. Mogae Scholarship in 2012.
This included attending elective courses at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies, under the
Collaborative Master of Arts Programme (CMAP) of the African Economic Research
Consortium (AERC). Ms. Khanie specialises in Microeconomics, Industrial and/or Business
Economics, Corporate Finance & Investment and Public Sector Economics. Her research
interests lie primarily in Industrial Development and Private Sector Development, with particular
interest on Enterprise/SMME Development. Supplementary to her research areas are topics on
Financial Inclusion, Microfinance and Labour Market Participation. Prior to joining BIDPA in
February 2016, Ms. Khanie worked for the Department of Administration of Justice under the
Ministry of Defense, Justice and Security, for a period of 2 years.

Email : gkhanie@bidpa.bw

Unit : Trade, Industry and Private Sector Development


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