Research and Consultancy

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Research and Consultancy

In the next five years, BIDPA will focus on these research areas; Macroeconomics and Development; Trade, Industry and Private Sector; Human & Social Development; Environment, Agriculture & Natural Resources; Governance & Administration which will provide the basis for specific supply-driven research topics and projects. Focus on these areas is aimed at supporting the accomplishment of National Priorities and address topics on the National Development Agenda.

Below are some of the recent supply-driven projects BIDPA has embarked on;

  • Financial Inclusion and its impact on Employment Creation in Botswana
  • Education & Labour Market Activity of Women in Botswana
  • Challenges of Project Implementation in Local Government; The Case of the Francistown City Council and Kweneng District Councils
  • The Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Capital Market Development in Botswana’s Economy
  • Structural Transformation & Fiscal Policy in Botswana
  • Unemployment in the SADC Region
  • Consumption Inequality on Botswana; The decomposition of the Gini coefficient of consumer expenditures
  • The impact of Infrastructure on Economic Growth in Botswana
  • The Impact of Business Regulatory Quality on Private Sector Investment in Botswana
  • Impacts of Access to ICTs on Employment Status in Botswana
  • Gender and Corruption in Botswana; Perceptions, Participation and Considerations for Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Youth Employment in Botswana; Comparative Analysis of 2009/10 and 2015/16

BIDPA provides consultancy and advisory services to government ministries, departments, parastatal and other clients through tendering for research projects.In recent years, BIDPA has carried out a number of demand-driven projects and below are some of the key projects;