Patrick Malope

Senior Research Fellow (Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources)

Professor Patrick Malope is the Head of the Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources. The research focus area has three research themes: Environmental Sustainability, Agriculture and Natural Resources. He joined BIDPA in June 2013. Professor Malope holds a PhD degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Manchester (UK) with specialisation in policy analysis. He also holds an MSc in Agricultural Economics degree from the University of London (UK) with specialisation in policy analysis and marketing and a BA Economics degree from the University of Botswana. Prior to joining BIDPA, Professor Malope worked for Botswana College of Agriculture (BCA) as Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics, Education and Extension. While at BCA he taught the following courses: Introduction to Agricultural Economics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Price Analysis, Research Methods in Agricultural Economics, Project Appraisal and Evaluation, Agricultural Policy and International Trade in Agricultural Products. His research interests include Agricultural Policy, Agricultural Marketing, Climate Change, Small Medium Micro Enterprises, Agricultural and Rural Development and Value Chain Analysis.

Selected Journal Articles Publications:

Bahta, S. and Malope, P. 2014. Measurement of competitiveness in smallholder livestock systems and emerging policy advocacy: an application to Botswana. Food Policy. 49: 408-417.

Malope, P. 2011. Prospects and challenges of seed privatisation in developing countries: the case of Botswana. Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics, 3(10):504-513.

Malope, P. 2011. Economics of Sustainable Beef Production in Botswana: Challenges and opportunities. UNISWA Journal of Agriculture, 15(2):159-163.

Mabaya, E., Jordan, D, Malope, P., Monkhei, M., and Jackson, J. 2010. Attribute Preferences and willingness to pay for fortified cereal foods in Botswana. Agrekon. 49(4).

Malope, P. and Batisani, N. 2008. Land reforms that exclude the poor, Development Southern Africa. 25(4): 283-397.

Selected Books and Monographs:

Bahta, S., Baker, D. Malope, P. and Katjiuongua, E. 2015. A meta-frontier analysis of determinants of technical efficiency in beef farm types: an application to Botswana. Contributed paper. International Conference of Agricultural Economists. 8-14 August 2015. Milan, Italy.

Malope, P. 2013. Public sector support for inclusive agribusiness development – An appraisal of institutional models in Botswana. Country Case Studies – Africa. Food and Agriculture Organisation, Rome, Italy.

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Malope, P. 2010. Measuring Price Distortions and their effects on the Botswana’s beef sector. Lap Publishing, Germany. ISBN 978-3-3-8433-7876-5. p.258.

Mahabile, M., Malope, P., and Sebina, N.V. 2006. Farm Management-A Handbook for Farmers. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and Ministry of Agriculture.

Malope, P. 2006. Introduction to Agricultural Economics. Bay Publishing. Gaborone. ISBN: 999120597-2-4. P191.

Key Projects:

Team Leader: BIDPA Team on the Diagnostic Study on Social Uplifment for the National Strategy Office. July –December 2014.

National Consultant: Analysis of the Emerging Sectors (meat (piggery, goats & poultry), dairy, and leather) under the framework of the Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP). Centre for Development Enterprise (CDE) in Collaboration with HCL Consultants. Greece.

Team Leader. BIDPA Team on Smallholder livestock competitiveness. International Livestock Research Institute.

National Consultant. Botswana CAADP Country Process Stocktaking Exercise for Ministry of Agriculture and NEPAD. July – December 2014.

National Consultant. Preparation of Country Programming Framework (CPF) for Botswana. Client: Food and Agriculture Organisation. April – May 2013.

National Consultant. Botswana CAADP Country Process Pre-Stocktaking Preparatory Analysis in preparation for Alignment of the Botswana Agriculture Plans to CAADP Principles. Client: CAADP and Ministry of Agriculture. January – May 2013

Regional Consultant. Agribusiness Curriculum Survey Consultancy for Southern Africa. Client. African Network for Agriculture, Agroforestry and Natural Resources Education (ANAFE). July – August 2011.

National Consultant. Appraisal of Institutional Mandates for Agribusiness Support in Sub-Saharan Africa – Botswana. Client: Food and Agriculture Organisation.

National Consultant. SADC Regional Agricultural Policy (RAP) – National Study for Botswana. Client. SADC and FAO. October 2008 – August 2009.