BIDPA congratulates Dr Mmopelwa and Dr Blackie

BIDPA congratulates Dr Mmopelwa and Dr Blackie

The Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA) congratulates Dr David Mmopelwa, who was recently awarded a PhD Degree in Economics by the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

His thesis, under the supervision of Professors Oliver Morrissey and Trudy Owens, is titled “Essays on health and health care utilisation in Botswana”. Dr Mmopelwa joined BIDPA in 2004 as a Research Assistant after graduating with Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Botswana (UB). In 2006 he enrolled for Master’s Degree in Economics at UB and upon completion in 2008, was promoted to the position of an Associate Researcher.
Since joining BIDPA, he has been a team member for several consultancy projects of national importance. The projects among others include (i) The review of the Botswana’s Agricultural Sector (ii) review of the National Strategy for Poverty Reduction: Social Protection Policy (Social Safety Nets) for poverty and vulnerability reduction, (iii) viability and long-term development strategy for the livestock (beef) sub-sector in Botswana; sector economic analysis, technical analysis, and industry performance, (iv) the viability of Botswana Meat Commission (Maun) Abattoir, (v) subnational baseline nutrition-economic study in the context of rising food prices, (vi) institutional reforms of the construction industry in Botswana, (vii) Review and revision of Botswana`s Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme, as well as opinion surveys for various clients.

Dr Mmopelwa`s primary research interest is development and welfare economics (human and social development), health economics and agricultural economics. His published work appeared in BIDPA Working paper series, UB & UNICEF (Botswana) Thari ya Bana Series, The University of Nottingham’s Centre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade (CREDIT), Agrekon, Journal of Agribusiness, and Global Journal of Human-Social Science. He is currently a Research Fellow and Coordinator of the Human and Social Development Unit.

BIDPA also congratulates Dr Israel R. Blackie for being the first Motswana to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy qualification in Sociology from the University of Botswana. His PhD thesis was titled: “Community Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM) and Poverty Reduction: Insights from Ngamiland and Chobe Districts, Botswana,” under the supervision of Professor France Maphosa with Dr Treasa Galvin and Professor Frank Matose as co-supervisors. He also holds a Master of Arts (Population Studies), a Master of Philosophy (Sociology) and a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) also from the University of Botswana. Dr Blackie who is currently a Research Fellow joined BIDPA in 2019 from Central Government where he worked as an Assistant Director, (Government Reforms).

He has contributed to the BIDPA’s Research Working Paper series, Policy Briefs and Peer Reviewed Journals. His research interest includes rural livelihoods (poverty), natural resource commons (CBNRM), intersection of state and local people and their institutions on resource conservation and management. Some of the recent and notable projects undertaken by Dr Blackie include the following: (i) Ex Gratia Payments for Loss of Human Life Due to Wild Animals’ Attack in Botswana – Implications for Practice and Policies (2021); (ii) The Social Impact Analysis of the Human Wildlife Conflict on Victims and their Families in Botswana (2021); (iii) Policy Brief on Resolving Human Wildlife Conflict in Botswana Through Social Protection (2021); (iv) Women’s Economic Empowerment in Sub Saharan Africa Project- understanding women’s economic opportunities and challenges in Botswana (2021). He is currently a member of the BIDPA team working on the development of an Index Methodology for Measuring Performance of the Botswana Vision 2036

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